Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Welcome to MY planet! I'm Paisley and this is about my life in San Francisco with Meema.
Meema is my grandmother. I have lived here in San Francisco with her since I was four years old.

We are going to be traveling this next year to find paisley patterns from around the world for Meema's new fabric designs. She is a well known textile designer. We will be visiting many countries and meeting a lot of people.

Meema created this blog for me to tell my friends back in San Francisco all about our travels and the new friends that I will meet along the way. I am going to post each week about these new friends and all about their favorite places in their cities or towns. I am going to find out about their favorite foods, who their friends are, what they like to do after school, and what they want want to be when they grow up.

If you want to learn more about me you can read "Paisley's Planet" shown in the left column of this page. Under the picture of my book I have listed some links to my favorite places in San Francisco.

The tabs at the top of the this page will take you to my BLOG where I will be posting each week. There is also a tab to a google MAP that will show what country we are in that week. My favorite tab is the one called DRAW where I will be posting some paisley challenge drawings, as well as some other fun drawing challenges, like drawing faces really quick and easy!